When John L. Morris fished professional bass tournaments in the 1970's, the business of buying a boat was -- at best -- a complicated task. As Morris' fledgling Bass Pro Shops tackle business started growing and becoming well-known among serious anglers around the country, Morris turned his attention to changing the way America's anglers bought their boats. Located in Springfield, MO. 

Tim refers to the Jewel Spider Jig as his "bread and butter lure".  It is easy to understand why, since Tim has used the Spider Jig to help him earn the Central Pro Am Championship title as well as win the Nitro Savage Summit Bass Tournament and numerous top ten finishes.  Tim says the Spider Jig combined with a Hyperflex Grub trailer has... "contributed greatly to my tournament success." 









Solar Bat® was founded in 1994 by optometrist and outdoor enthusiast, Dr. Gary Nesty.
Dr. Nesty realized the need for lighter weight, safer, and more comfortable line of polarized sunglasses.  The result is the toughest, lightest, polarized sunglass lens with razor sharp optics to eliminate eye strain, maximize your outdoor performance, and block out all harmful UV wavelengths

Rapala Country is not a place on the map, but a spirit shared among anglers of the world. It's a spirit rejuvenated with each day spent on the water, appreciating the beauty of the outdoors and the mystery of nature. A spirit rekindled with family and friends sharing the common goal of catching fish. We have become part of the experience. Responsible for more record fish, Rapala is trusted to work as promised in the unpredictable outdoors we call "Rapala Country"









At Storm, we're pretty serious about fishing and not too serious about other stuff. But, that's another story. Our obsession with fishing can be kinda extreme. We believe in getting into the head of a fish to really understand what's goin on. What makes ‘em tick? Ya know what we’re sayin? Like, do they chase slippery wiggle minnows with wild eyes? Yes, in fact they do. Nice. This is what we do and why we do it. Good fish mojo to you and your friends.


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